We encourage members to write letters to the newspaper(s).

The following letter was sent to the Daily Sun by Roberta Ulrich on 11/11/17.

It’s Not The Gun

A deranged person carried out a deadly attack on a small church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.  An NRA instructor neutralized him with a gun. Democrats used this heinous crime to renew their call for stricter gun control.  Once again, they spew their nonsense without even knowing the details.  When evil people use anything other than a gun, such as a truck, a knife, or any other object, there’s no battle cry to ban such items.  Let’s look at the facts that undermine their narrative.
Devin Kelley, the murderer, violated numerous laws that should have prevented him from purchasing a firearm.  Kelley was an Air Force veteran who was court-martialed in 2012 for domestic violence against his wife and child.  He beat his wife and intentionally fractured the skull of his infant stepson.  In 2012, he escaped from a mental institute.  While filling out the Federal forms to purchase a firearm, Kelley fraudulently answered questions regarding prior convictions and psychiatric pathology.  The Air Force failed to report Kelley’s domestic assault charge, his 12 months sentence, and his “bad conduct” discharge, all required by Federal law.
This is not a gun control issue. This is a failure to enforce gun laws. Many who advocate a ban on guns have an army of armed guards protecting them with, guess what?  GUNS!
My husband and I are proud NRA members.  We both have concealed carry permits.  We compete monthly in International Defensive Pistol Competition.  We train weekly in the safe and responsible handling of a firearm.  We, the legal and responsible gun owners of America, are the sheepdogs.  We protect YOU from the predatory wolves.

Roberta Ulrich
The Villages